SIZING_SUDOE aims to create a stable network among high-technology centers and associations to facilitate the transfer of population anthropometric information (e-business, CAD, virtual mannequins / avatars) to companies in the fashion sector, so that they can develop new products and services to consumers. The main goal of the project is to improve the competitiveness of fashion in the SUDOE region (Spain, Portugal and southern France) through the incorporation of anthropometric measures of people

Therefore, the project will optimize transnational conducted anthropometric studies and complete the existing databases so that they are comparable.

The textile, clothing and fashion sector is one of the largest ones in Europe. In addition, it has a dominant weight in the SUDOE region, whose countries are among the five ones with more activity.

However, the increasing relocation of production, the implementation of systems based on data pattern and body proportions of the 70s, and the poor standardization of sizing systems, have led to a high rate consumer complaints due to unadjusted clothing (particularly affects women, taking a 40% trouble finding your size).

This is a barrier to the development of online sales and results in a high rate of clothes return that remains unsold at the end of each season.

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Then, project specific objectives are:


  1. Identify the specific needs of the industry (clothes and fashion) sector in the SUDOE, regarding the incorporation of 3D anthropometric measures of population.


  1. Complete and update anthropometric studies conducted by SUDOE regions to provide comparable information between regions


  1. Knowledge transfer to businesses and methodologies for the use and exploitation of 3D databases and to develop a trans-regional advisory service in the operation and application of these data


  1. Create a transnational network of services from institutions working together on the creation of knowledge and innovation, with a structure that allows efficient operation and support business R & D in the SUDOE region


  1. Adapting industrial SUDOE to the new European sizing, bringing the interests of businesses and anthropometric outcomes to the SUDOE population